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Kahikatea Flat Road, Silverdale
Nth Auckland, New Zealand

Phone (09) 420 5485
Fax (09) 420 5489

Garden Stakes, Boundary Pegs And Tree Stakes

Cypress Sawmill stocks a large range of macrocarpa and pine stakes and pegs in a variety of sizes and lengths:

  • 50x25 treated pine from 300mm to 1800mm long
  • 50x40 treated pine or macrocarpa from 300mm to 1800mm long
  • 25x25 untreated pine garden stakes

Stakes are pointed and come in 300, 450, 600, 900, 1200, 1500, and 1800mm lengths. Other sizes or lengths are available to order.

Please phone or contact us and ask to talk to Jim.

Photos of Garden Stakes, Boundary Pegs, and Tree Stakes

  • 25x25 Tree Stakes

    25x25 Tree Stakes

  • Selection Of Stakes

    Selection Of Stakes

  • 50x40 Stakes

    50x40 Stakes

  • 50x25x600 Treated Pegs

    50x25x600 Treated Pegs

  • Treated Stakes

    Treated Stakes