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Kahikatea Flat Road, Silverdale
Nth Auckland, New Zealand

Phone (09) 420 5485
Fax (09) 420 5489

Garden Mulch & Compost

Cypress Sawmill has a large quantity of composted mulch for sale, containing sawdust, shavings, bark, dirt, and topsoil that has been mixed and composted on about a 2 year cycle.

This mulch is screened to remove over sized material which is recomposted, all material is untreated.

Our garden mulch is for sale in the following forms:

  • Trailers loaded with garden mulch
  • by the bag (bagged for your convenience)
  • 5 m3 truckloads delivered
  • 12 m3 truckloads delivered
  • In bulk loaded onto your truck

Phone for details or come and have a look, our sawmill is open to the public.

Photos of New Zealand Garden Mulch & Compost for Sale

  • Bagged Mulch (Composted Sawdust)

    Bagged Mulch (Composted Sawdust)

  • Garden Mulch

    Garden Mulch

  • Screened Compost Mulch

    Screened Compost Mulch

  • Screened Mulch

    Screened Mulch