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Kahikatea Flat Road, Silverdale
Nth Auckland, New Zealand

Phone (09) 420 5485
Fax (09) 420 5489


Cypress Sawmill is open under Alert Level 3. Please pre-order your goods so they are ready and waiting when you come to pick them up. On arrival at the mill please wait in your vehicle until attended by one of our staff.
Delivery options are also available.

Kitset Compost Bins

Make your own organic compost with one of our kitset compost bins. Constructed from naturally durable and environmentally friendly macrocarpa, it will give you years of service. The front boards slide in and out for ease of extracting the finished compost. A three bin system allows you to turn the compost which accelerates the process.

We have a two bin kitset and a three bin kitset available for shipping over the entire country. We also have built ones available ex our yard.

Each separate bin measures 900x900mm and stand 1000mm high. A two bin is 1800mm long and a three bin is 2700mm long. All that is needed to construct them is a hammer. Nails and a comprehensive instruction sheet are supplied. A two bin should take about an hour to build.

Watch our YouTube clip below showing the construction process:

Pricing ex our yard:

Product Price (incl. GST)
2 Bin Kitset $395
2 Bin Built $495
3 Bin Kitset $495
3 Bin Built $625

Photos of Kitset Compost Bins

  • Flat-packed kitset compost bin

    Flat-packed kitset compost bin

  • Constructed 2-bin compost bin

    Constructed 2-bin compost bin

  • Constructed 3-bin compost bin

    Constructed 3-bin compost bin