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Kahikatea Flat Road, Silverdale
Nth Auckland, New Zealand


Cypress Sawmill is open under Alert Level 3. Please pre-order your goods so they are ready and waiting when you come to pick them up. On arrival at the mill please wait in your vehicle until attended by one of our staff.
Delivery options are also available.

Products and Services

Below is a list of some of Cypress Sawmill's key products stocked at our Auckland timber yard. Click one of the links for more information, or feel free to Contact Us.

For custom milling services please click here.

Macrocarpa Timber
Dry Macrocarpa for Furniture & Joinery

Wide range of macrocarpa timber in sizes ranging from as small as 10mm by 10mm through all the common timber sizes up to large beam sizes of 600 x 600 or bigger.

Macrocarpa Beams
Macrocarpa Beams

We can cut macrocarpa beams up to 7.5 metres in length depending on log supply. Beams are produced with a bandsawn finish which can be further dressed.

Macrocarpa Slabs
Macrocarpa Slabs

Cypress Sawmill has a huge selection of Macrocarpa Slabs for sale, suitable for bench tops, table tops, coffee tables, shop counters, signs, furniture, seats etc.

Laminated Clear Timber Slab
Laminated Slabs

Manufactured slabs from either a clear grade of timber to give a slab with no knots or defects, or from a dressing grade of timber. Our laminated slabs have been sanded and are ready for finishing.

Laminated Square Tops
Macrocarpa Laminated Square Tops

Macrocarpa laminated slabs cut to square and ready to be used for indoor applications.

Macrocarpa Landscaping Timber
Macrocarpa Landscaping Timber

A large range of sawn macrocarpa timber, big sized block off-cuts, log ends, reject logs and slabs suitable for furniture, landscaping, sculptures, garden ornaments and numerous other uses.

Macrocarpa Landscape Sleepers
Macrocarpa Landscape Sleepers

Macrocarpa is naturally durable and sleepers are very suitable for non-structural landscaping projects.

H4 Treated Pine Landscape Sleepers
H4 Treated Pine Landscape Sleepers

For a long lasting alternative to Macrocarpa 200x100 landscape sleepers, we stock 200x100 H4 treated pine landscape sleepers.

Tongue And Groove Sarking Panelling
Tongue And Groove Sarking Panelling

Boards are machined to a tongue and groove profile with a double 'V' so that the best side of the board can be used. We stock a number of grades and sizes.

Macrocarpa Timber
Tongue And Groove Flooring

Flooring grade macrocarpa has small, tight knots, making it suitable for this critical end use. Macrocarpa flooring is a beautiful honey/gold colour with a distinctive grain.

Scotia Skirting Architrave
Scotia, Skirting And Architrave Timber

A range of macrocarpa timber suitable for skirting, scotia, architrave, door and window surrounds, furniture etc.

Kitset Compost Bins
Kitset Compost Bins

Make your own organic compost with one of our kitset compost bins. Constructed from naturally durable and environmentally friendly macrocarpa, it will give you years of service.

Kitset patio planters
Kitset Patio Planters

Grow your own garden in one of our Macrocarpa Kitset Patio Planters. Our untreated timber will ensure that your macrocarpa planter box is perfectly suited for growing healthy and edible plants.

Kitset Raised Garden Beds
Raised Garden Beds

Grow your own vegetables or garden in one of our Macrocarpa Raised Garden Beds. Our untreated timber will ensure that your macrocarpa planter box is perfectly suited for growing.

Outdoor table
Kitset Outdoor Tables

Outdoor tables with all timber and hardware supplied along with step by step assembly instructions. Robust and reliable with a classic look.

Bench Seat
Kitset Bench Seats

Bench seats with all timber and hardware supplied along with step by step assembly instructions, perfectly sized to match our tables.

Macrocarpa Upright Chairs
Macrocarpa Upright Chairs

This upright chair design is built to last and is a perfect match as an end seat for out Kitset Outdoor Table.

Cape Cod Chair
Macrocarpa Cape Cod Chair

This classic outdoor chair design is built to last. A must-have for around your pool, garden, porch, or bach. Pre-constructed ready for oiling or painting.

Treated Posts Piles & Poles
Treated Posts, Poles & Piles

A large range of ground treated tanalized posts and poles suitable for farm fencing, post and rail fencing, retaining walls, landscaping, house piles etc.

Treated Pine
Treated Radiata Pine Timber

Cypress Sawmill stocks a range of tanalized pressure treated pine, including H4 Ground Contact, 150x50 H4 retaining, and H3 treated timber.

Treated Pine Square Posts and Beams
Treated Pine Square Posts and Beams

H4 and H5 posts and beams suitable for structural building. These H4 and H5 CCA treated pine timber posts and beams come in a variety of large sizes and lengths.

Stakes & Pegs
Stakes, Pegs, Tree Stakes

A large range of stakes and pegs in all sorts of sizes, lengths and types of timber, with others available to order.


Our firewood is self service, or supplied in bin sizes which are tipped, using a front end loader, quickly and easily into your trailer.

Garden Sawdust by the Bag, Trailer or Truckload

Untreated sawdust for horticulture, garden mulch, wintering pads, animal pens, soaking up oil spills, and more.

Garden Mulch
Garden Mulch

A large quantity of composted mulch for sale, containing sawdust, shavings, bark, dirt, and topsoil.

Kids' Carpentry Wood
Kids' Carpentry Wood

Wood and accessories specially selected to be safe for and fun for children's wood craft activities.

Hardware - Nails, Bolts, Staples etc

Nails, staples, wire, hinges, straps, gudgeons, latches, bolts, screws, washers etc.