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Kahikatea Flat Road, Silverdale
Nth Auckland, New Zealand

Phone (09) 420 5485
Fax (09) 420 5489

Macrocarpa Timber

Cypress Sawmill can supply a wide range of macrocarpa timber in sizes from as small as 10mm by 10mm through all the common timber sizes up to large beam sizes of 600 x 600 or bigger.

We have a huge stock of dry timber in racks in our dry store set up for customers to select their own timber. Our products are end-marked with length and grade making, it easy to find what you require: simply select the size, length and quantity you need with no minimum or maximum order size.

We also have limited quantities of dressed four side boards in stock, however we prefer to machine dress macrocarpa timber to order so that quality and finish doesn't down grade. Cypress Sawmill also has a large stock of green sawn macrocarpa in many sizes, which we can also machine DFS (dress four sides) to order for your requirements.

Also if we don't have exactly what you are after in stock, we can quickly cut to order any sizes and or lengths. Timber is sold by the linear metre.

Please phone or click here to contact us with your requirements or queries.

Photos of New Zealand Macrocarpa Timber

  • Dry Sawn Macrocarpa

    100x25 Dry Sawn Macrocarpa

  • Dry Clear Macrocarpa

    100x100 Dry Clears

  • 300 by 50 macrocarpa

    300x50 & 200x50

  • Dry Store Macrocarpa

    Dry Store Packets

  • Dry Store Lengths

    Dry Store Lengths

  • Macrocarpa Selection

    Dry Store Selection

  • Macrocarpa Branches

    Macrocarpa Branches

  • Macrocarpa Trunk

    Macrocarpa Trunk

  • Macrocarpa Tree

    Macrocarpa Tree